Hydro-Quebec says they can't do much to help limit spring flooding

Hydro-Quebec says it's doing what it can to help limit spring flooding but there's not much it can do.

Hydro-Quebec spokesman Francis Labbé said their Carillon power station near Rigaud produces electricity and is not a dam used to hold any water. Labbé said they have partially opened some spillways according to the flow of the river.

"If we do not open a spillway when water is getting high, the impact will be - water will find a way to get anywhere," Labbé told CJAD 800.

Labbé said they use their reservoirs north of the Outaouais and the Laurentians to hold some of the water. 

"Unfortunately, we have control only on 40% of the water flowing on the territory and it's a huge territory," said Labbé.

"We empty the reservoirs at the end of March to make sure we can keep as much of the spring run-off as we can."

The International Lake Ontario-St Lawrence River Board told CJAD 800 it is now increasing the outflows of Lake Ontario since the levels of Lake St Louis and Lake St. Francis have gone down.