Hydro scrambling to return power after freezing rain hits Quebec

The freezing rain and strong winds that hit Quebec Monday kept Hydro Quebec crews very busy straight through the night and will keep them busy throughout Tuesday and maybe more.

"Freezing rain and strong winds are hitting many different areas, especially the Laurentians, Lanaudière and Laval" the utility wrote at the peak of the storm. At one point nearly 320,000 customers were without electricity.

For residents in Laval, where the outages affected nearly half of the territory, the city has opened two community centers for residents seeking heat.

The main problem for the province's power grid, conditions were ideal for downed trees and branches, which caused more than 600 individual outages across the province.

"[With so many problems] it means our crews have to go to every separate interruption, find the problem, and fix it" Hydro spokesperson Cedrix Bouchard told CJAD 800s Aaron Rand. 

Unfortunately due to the number of outages and the damage caused by the freezing rain and high winds, the utility has not been able to give an estimate as to when those without power will see their lights turn back on.

"We are deploying every available crew in order to re-establish the service as fast as possible."

You can find the latest number of power outages in the chart below.

The freezing rain, while troublesome, did bring about some incredible photo opportunities, which were shared by Quebecers on social media.