"I have no intention of taking my hijab off and I have no intention of not teaching"

The CAQ's position on religious symbols is already prompting some pushback and uncertainty in the education system.

Furheen Ahmed said she's been teaching for 12 years and her hijab may have generated a question or two out of curiosity but never hostility. 

The Westmount High School teacher said she wonders why the CAQ is brandishing their ban on religious symbols when she believes most Quebecers don't think this issue is a priority but rather:

"How this is blatant discrimination and it's ignorance and it's unfair and for us to be having this conversation again so soon, it feels absurd," Ahmed told CJAD 800.

Ahmed is talking about the debate over the PQ's Charter of Values which would have banned teachers from wearing religious symbols.

Ahmed also said the proposed ultimatum of choosing your religion or your job is laughable.

"I have no intention of taking (my hijab) off. I have no intention of not teaching," said Ahmed.

"If I'm fired, if it ever gets to that point, I'm not going to simply be fired and accept it."

Riverside School Board vice chairperson Lesley Llewelyn Cuffling said they won't comment "since the scope of the position is not clearly defined in a law but in the meantime, while considering the fact we are a secular institution, we continue to value diversity as a richness and as a strength for our community."

The Sir Wilfred Laurier School Board had a similar reaction, saying they're committed to protecting human rights and preventing discrimination.

The Marguerite-Bourgeoys School Board would not comment at all.