Ice chunk falls 15 stories, crashes through car's sunroof, injures woman

A Montreal couple has hired a lawyer after a frightening experience they had while driving last week.

On Feb. 22, Kristine Bernard and Myles Carter were driving along Bleury St. near Viger Ave. when, without warning, a piece of ice fell down onto the car, shattering the sunroof and hitting Bernard in the head.

"It happened so quickly, we were totally not expecting it," Bernard told CTV Montreal. "It was so loud, so violent, and glass just went absolutely everywhere."

She was taken to hospital, treated, and then released.

It turns out the piece of ice and rock weighing three pounds fell 15 stories from a building under construction near the corner of Bleury and Viger. 

"It was almost like a meteor shower," says their lawyer, Jamie Benizri, about the incident. He says construction workers were clearing ice form the building they were working on. Initially, they believed the orange nets designed to prevent falling debris caught the piece of ice, which then bounced onto the car.

Lawyer Jamie Benizri says they're looking for some answers — in part, to reassure the frightened Bernard about the safety of getting around town.

"Why was it that they were able to go into the construction corridor, at this given time," Benizri says."We're on a fact-finding mission. Nobody's out for blood, we just want some answers so [Bernard] could have closure and really feel safe travelling in Montreal."