Île Bizard mom put on hold with 911 while 3-year-old son is having a seizure

An Île Bizard mom is angry over how 911 and Urgences Sante treated the case of her three-year-old son who was having a seizure at his daycare - claiming she and daycare educators were put on hold for several minutes. 

About 13 minutes passed before Vanessa Larche and daycare workers could speak with a 911 operator after being put on hold.

"(You get a message that) you're on hold with 911 and then it was dead air. We didn't even know - did the line cut? Or we still on hold? You just did not know," said Larche in an interview with CJAD 800.

"Meanwhile my son is on the floor, he's barely responsive, his heart rate is extremely elevated, we can't get through to anybody."

They flagged down blue collar workers to get first responders at the nearby firehouse to help.

An ambulance showed up about 35 minutes later.

Larche said she also doesn't understand why sirens and flashing lights weren't used on their way to hospital as they sat in traffic.

"At that point, we did not know what was happening to our son - his vitals were not that great. But there was no sense of urgency with them," said Larche.

The little boy is now doing fine - he suffered a seizure linked to strep throat.

Urgences Sante said  that paramedics deemed the boy's condition to be stable and did not turn on sirens or emergency lights.

In a statement to CJAD 800, Montreal police said there can be lag time with phones connected through the internet; also a storm that day meant  it may have been difficult to get a line and there were many 911 calls at the time.