Innovative breast cancer treatment introduced by Quebec doctor

It is being called an innovative way to treat an early breast cancer diagnosis.

The method, Intra-operative brachytherapy, involves combining surgery to remove the tumour, with preparing the patient for radiation therapy while still in the operating room.

Dr. Israel Fortin is a radiation oncologist. He spoke with CTV Montreal.

"We have just one surgical intervention where we do the mastectomy and the brachytherapy at the same time," he said.

Once surgeons remove the tumour, needles are used and catheters are inserted in and around the hole where the tumour used to exist.

Fortin told CTV Montreal that one of the biggest benefits is a shorter wait time between surgery and the end of treatment.

"Historically, breast cancer treatment in radiation oncology was two to four months from the surgery to the end of radiation," he said.

Fortin is the first doctor to implement the method in Quebec, and he hopes to use it to treat as many women as possible.

With files from CTV Montreal.