Is Montreal in for a record setting Saturday?

There may still be 24 days until Spring, but the Montreal region will be getting a sneak preview this weekend.

Unusually warm temperatures are making their way towards the city, bringing nearly record setting highs to end the month of February.

Over the next couple of days the mercury could reach as high as 9°C on Thursday and 14°C on Saturday. In between and after the pair of mild days Montreal is expected to still see daytime temperatures reach 4°C (Friday), 1°C (Sunday), 2°C (Monday), 3°C (Tuesday) and 4°C (Wednesday).

This time of year temperatures are supposed to only reach -2°C during the day, with overnight lows of -11°C. 

While it will be warm, it'll also be wet, with a chance of rain showers Thursday through Sunday.

The warmest February day the city has ever seen was recorded on the 22nd of the month, way back in 1981 when the daytime high hit 15°C.

If Saturday manages to break the record, it would be the second time in three years Montreal would have seen a record setting February.

In 2015, the same month set a record in the city for being the coldest it had been in more than 100 years, with an average temperature of -15°C.

So far this month, the average temperature is -9°C.