It's going to be windy in Montreal today

Batten down the hatches, hold on to your hat or whatever else you need to do, Environment Canada has issued a wind warning for the Montreal area.

"Strong winds with gusts to 90 kilometres per hour are expected Friday afternoon," the weather agency said. Friday morning winds will gust to about 80 kilometres per hour, by the evening they'll diminish to 70 kilometres per hour.

The strong winds can toss around loose objects, cause branches to break off trees and in extreme cases knock over entire trees.

"Wind warnings are issued when there is a significant risk of damaging winds" said Environment Canada.

Many other parts of Quebec, including the Eastern Townships, the Laurentians and Quebec City are expected to be hit by the strong winds Friday as well.

Unfortunately once the warning is lifted there won't be a glory night or much wind of change.

While there won't be any freezing rain over the weekend, daytime highs for Saturday and Sunday are expected to reach about -8°C, but wind chill values will have it feeling a lot closer to -25°C.