It's official: this will be the last summer for the Gay Village colored balls display

Last week, CJAD 800 reported that the merchants' association in Montreal's Gay Village was considering bringing an end to its signature colored balls display.

Now, the association appears to have made it official — with a Facebook post.

"After 8 wonderful years, it's time for our balls to retire," the post reads. "Wanna protest to keep them or you have any new ideas for the future?"

For now, it's unclear whether that means a wave of protest will persuade the association to bring the display back next summer and beyond.

The colorful display has been a popular fixture along the stretch of Ste. Catherine St. in the Village since it was introduced in 2011, just a few years after the street became pedestrianized for the summer. Originally, the balls were only one color — pink — until the colors of the rainbow were introduced years later.