Jean Fortier says climate testing for municipal projects would be win-win for everyone

Jean Fortier says if he becomes mayor on Nov. 5, every project and procedure undertaken by his administration will undergo an environmental assessment.

The Coalition Montreal candidate is promising to use climate testing to measure the carbon footprint of virtually everything the city does — and Fortier adds he'll appoint an executive committee member whose main job would be to conduct the testing.

The candidate suggest it'll be a win-win situation for everyone — aside from the environmental benefits of such testing, it will also lead to greater transparency, and even savings for taxpayers.

"Purchasing municipal vehicles that are more fuel-efficient invariably also means purchasing vehicles that are better-designed and will likely need less maintenance," Fortier said in a statement. "This should translate as lower costs to taxpayers over the vehicle's life cycle. It's the same thing with infrastructure where a climate test will help us detect over-designed projects."

"Who knows? Montreal could become a world leader in the fight against climate change."