Jersey Day in Montreal and beyond, in support of Humboldt, Saskatchewan

The message behind today's campaign to support victims of the deadly Humboldt bus crash is: 'We are all one team.'
Jersey Day is being spearheaded by group of British Columbia hockey moms who are urging people to wear a sports jersey, hockey or otherwise, in support of the Saskatchewan community at the centre of the tragedy.
One of the moms, Jennifer Pinch, says she wants Humboldt to know it's not alone. And she's bracing herself for what could be an emotional day.
``I work in a retail environment and I've I already decided if someone comes in wearing a jersey I'm going to start to cry,'' says Pinch, who lives in Langley, B.C.

Pinch urges participants to post a photo of themselves in a jersey on social media with  jerseysforhumboldt.

Thousands of Canadians have pledged online to take part in the Jersey Day, which also encourages people to wear the team's main colour green, or a green ribbon.
Pinch says they've received commitments from schools, sports teams, and businesses big and small, including Tim Hortons, Boston Pizza, and the grocery chain Sobeys.

In Montreal, a number of schools are participating in Jersey Day.  At Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School on the West Island, students were joined by staff in wearing their favourite team jerseys.

Sixteen people died in the highway crash, which involved a transport truck and the bus carrying the Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team.  Another 13 people were injured.