Job wanted ad draws bevy of lewd offers

If you had doubts about Grand Prix week being prime time for men trolling for sexual adventures, consider the experience of a Journal de Montreal reporter who posed online as a 19-year old student, newly arrived in Montreal, looking for bartending work during race week.  

The job-wanted ad she posted on the website Kijiji generated a few legitimate leads for bartending work, along with a slew of sexually-tinged job offers.  

One respondent offered the student $6,000 for sexy webcam performances.  

Another offered $1,000 if she would whip him and treat him like a slave.  

Yet another respondent was looking for a woman to be a feminine presence at business dinners.  Several others several proposed sexy modeling work.

A spokeswoman for the Women's Y tells the Journal that while some women are exploited all year long in Montreal, the problem is ten times worse during Grand Prix week, when the city is beseiged by race fans looking to party.     

A group working to combat sexual exploitation says many help-wanted ads which pop up on websites in advance of Grand Prix week may say the work involves bartending, modeling or acting as a hostess but the ads are actually placed by recruiters for strip clubs or porn films.