"Just for laughs" founder Gilbert Rozon goes to court after sale of his controlling shares

The founder of the "Just for Laughs" festival is going to court after the sale of his controlling shares in the company.

The sale followed allegations of sexual assault against Gilbert Rozon.

The buyers are claiming lost sponsorship and subsidies. 

Rozon is countering the claim and suing his former company, claiming he doesn't owe nearly what the new owners say he does.  

"It's been almost a year now since Gilbert Rozon sold all of his shares to ICM, that's an American talent firm and to, (comedian), Howie Mandel. Some of the shares have since been sold to Evenko and to Bell Media, but shortly after the sale, the new owners demanded that Rozon reimburse a total of 4.2-million dollars", reported  CTV Annie De Melt.

Rozon admits lost subsidies, which he claims amount to $900,000, but adds the other claims are baseless.

Bell Media owns CJAD 800.


- With files from CTV News