Justin Trudeau condemns North Korean missile testing, asks UN to step in

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has condemned North Korea's latest nuclear weapon testing and is urging the United Nations to take further steps to contain the country's nuclear proliferation efforts.

Trudeau issued a statement Sunday that says North Korea's nuclear test and aggressive missile testing threatens the safety and security of its neighbours and the international community.

He says North Korea is only further isolating itself by the continued testing.

The statement calls on the UN Security Council to take further decisive action to effectively constrain North Korea's proliferation efforts.

North Korea announced this weekend that it had detonated its sixth and most powerful nuclear test yet, which the country's government declared a "perfect success.''

Trudeau also stated that Canada would continue to work with allies including South Korea, Japan, and the U.S., but did not provide more details on his government's involvement.

He has previously stated that Canada would not get involved in the U.S. ballistic missile defence shield.