Keep fighting with the city: CJAD legal expert tells woman whose car was shot by police

A woman whose parked car was struck by police bullets during a crossfire in downtown Montreal hopes the city will pay for her insurance deductible after all.

Shannon Ojero, from Brantford, Ont., says the city has, so far, refused to pay because she filed her claim too late.

As well, an official told her police were not responsible because they were only defending themselves.

CJAD legal expert Chris Dimakos weighed in on the matter during Thursday's Aaron Rand show.

"Even if Shannon would have filed within the 15 days, there's another threshold she would have to demonstrate. The city has legislated protection saying that if the police act in a  diligent way and they cause damage in doing so, but they've done no wrong, we still have a right to reject your claim."

DiMakos did provide advice for Ojero.

"I think that she should continue to work with the city because of the optics of this are really bad", added DiMakos.

DiMakos was referring to the incident happening to a tourist.

Ojero, whose daughter borrowed the car to celebrate the new year in Montreal, says her deductible is $1,000. 

Her 17-year-old daughter was staying at the Faubourg Hotel on René-Lévesque Blvd. on the night of the police shooting, which resulted in a man being sent to hospital.