Kevin Copps launches bid for Projet Montreal mayoralty nomination in Côte-des-Neiges/NDG

With a handful of supporters and locked library doors as his backdrop, Kevin Copps launched his campaign for the Projet Montreal nomination for Mayor in Côté-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.

Copps said he intends to focus on services for residents, with increased library hours as an apparent centrepiece to his campaign.

"People are not happy with snow removal. They are not happy wit the state of the roads. They're not happy with our parks," said Copps. “Our citizens expect better, and for the Projet Montreal team running in CDN/NDG, it’s about spending tax dollars wisely and delivering quality services.”

In the last municipal election Copps aligned himself with Denis Coderre, but not this time.

“Like a lot of people, I had high hopes for Denis Coderre. I thought he would be a good mayor. I was disappointed...and he has demonstrated no interest in our borough.”

Copps said he won’t run a negative campaign, but came out swinging at Mayor Coderre for "wasted spending, no consultation and improvising” decisions, instead of planning.

"There probably could be worse than Denis Coddere, but I think there could be a lot better as well. There could probably be better than Russell Copeman. No one's been arrested in the last four years, so that's a good thing.”

Copps insists he's running to "put forward a positive vision," but by calling some of Coderre’s priorities "crazy" and "grandiose projects," the tone of his campaign is already sounding ugly. He added that his goal is to “be a leader who will bring real change to the lives of citizens – young and old.”