Kilometres away from waterfront, St-Leonard residents say flooding a recurring issue

Residents of a St-Leonard street are saying the city has done nothing to fix a recurring problem where storm drains back up during intense rain, flooding many homes.

On Sunday morning, residents of about a dozen homes awoke to find their homes on De Belmont St. flooded yet again.

“When we get heavy rain like this it’s a big problem in the area,” said David Gigliotti.

“This morning I came down at 7:00 a.m. not expecting anything and I literally stepped down into three inches of water,” said resident Dan Caimano, who added he is expecting damages to be in the thousands of dollars, despite taking precautions to avoid flooding.

Some residents said that while Sunday’s flooding was especially bad, the problem has been a recurring one for years. Sofya Marunych said she’s approached the borough but nothing has been done.

“They’re completely aware of it. We had a meeting in May, they promised us that something will be done and the only thing they do is call us when there’s heavy rain and ask us how we are,” she said. “We’re like, ‘We’re okay, we’re carrying buckets of water out of our basement, thanks for asking.’”

St-Leonard Mayor Michel Bissonnet could not be reached for comment.

Marunych said she’s tired of constant worrying and feeling like she lives in a flood zone, despite her home being kilometres away from the waterfront.

“My mom’s insurance doesn’t want to insure her for flooding anymore,” she said.