Kirkland residents worried about string of daytime break-ins

Residents of a Kirkland neighbourhood are on edge following a rash of daytime break-ins and they're concerned that they had to find out about it through the grapevine and not police or the city.

As many as five homes in the same area were reportedly broken into and robbed over a span of three to four weeks with the latest one happening a few days ago.

Residents were reluctant to speak on the record because they're skittish about security or they wanted to meet with police first - one woman CJAD 800 encountered said she was on her way to speak with police about her concerns.

Residents say they want to know why police or the city didn't inform or warn them or tell them what's being done.

Mayor Michel Gibson tells CJAD 800 the investigation is ongoing and police don't want to jeopardize it. Gibson said police release the information when necessary and the city was told two or three days afterwards.

"Police won't release any of these informations until they have a public consultation where they'll explain what they'll be doing," said Gibson.

Some residents are meeting with police next week. 

Gibson said they stepped up patrols three days ago.