Kitten tossed in trash ingested methamphetamine: officials

Animal control officers in Victoria now know why a kitten had balance and other issues after being found zipped in a small bag and tossed in the trash at a mall.

Ian Fraser, senior animal control officer, says the six- to seven-week-old kitten tested positive for methamphetamine.

Fraser says the black-and-white feline is bright, alert and behaving like a regular kitten after receiving intravenous antibiotics.

He says it's concerning that the cat somehow ingested methamphetamine, but given the circumstances under which the animal was found, Fraser says it's probably not surprising.

An employee emptying trash cans on Tuesday in the parking lot of the Victoria mall noticed movement in a small bag on one of the containers and discovered the kitten.

Fraser says the little female has recovered well but he doubts anyone will claim her, so the kitten will be spayed and put up for adoption as soon as it is healthy.