'Knees together' judge Robin Camp says he is resigning from the bench

A judge who asked a sexual assault complainant in a trial why she couldn't keep her knees together is resigning from the bench.

In a statement distributed by his lawyer, Justice Robin Camp says he will quit effective Friday.

Camp says he's sorry for the hurt he has caused and is thankful for the support he received in recent months.

The Canadian Judicial Council recommended Camp be removed from the bench after transcripts from the 2014 trial showed he called the complainant ``the accused'' numerous times and told her ``pain and sex sometimes go together.''

The council called Camp's conduct ``manifestly and profoundly destructive'' to the impartiality and integrity of the bench.

The council's decision supports a recommendation by a disciplinary panel that Camp be removed from the bench for his comments in the original sexual assault trial of Alexander Wagar.