La Meute Plein Air feels tarnished by far-right group with similar name

A fitness business in Saint Jean sur Richelieu on the South Shore says it doesn't want to change its name but fears it may have to.  

La Meute Plein Air offers outdoor exercise sessions.  

It says the name was adopted several years ago, well before the creation of a Quebec group holding far-right beliefs that calls itself La Meute. When it realized that the group was using a similar wolf paw logo, it changed its company's branding to the outline of a wolf's head. 

La Meute Plein Air says it may share the name but it certainly does not want to have anything to do with the anti-immigration and other far-right views of the group.  

It says membership hasn't yet been hurt by the association, but it is hearing from some clients who no longer want to wear their branded T-shirts during the company's outdoor training classes.