La Ronde issues apology for racism imagery on a ride, says it's been removed

Claiming it was an oversight, La Ronde said it's sorry for racist imagery on one of its rides, adding it's been removed.

A woman was visiting the park and took a picture of a carousel ride, which went viral. 

Jessica Hernandez, a First Nations woman, told CTV News her boyfriend said co-workers complained about the imagery.

“I looked and I said, ‘Oh my God’,” she said. “How can this be there? How is this okay? Basically I was just kind of shocked.”

The imagery shows the head of a First Nations man in a bag connected to the end of the saddle. 

A friend filed an official complaint with La Ronde.

Hernandez added she considers the amusement park's apology incomplete, adding the park took a long time to do the right thing. 

“We're taught in our history books about scalps and Indian heads – there was a price put on that, they were worth money. They tried to deplete us, so when you see that, us as indigenous people, we know what that means. Maybe others don't. They should. They should be educated on it, but we grow up knowing what those images mean and it's hurtful,” said Hernandez.


-With files from CTV News