Lakeshore General hospital has new radiology room

Many West Islanders won't have to go downtown now for certain radiology procedures. 

There's a new radiology room at the Lakeshore General hospital.

The new equipment emits less radiation than what they've had. 

The 2-million dollar room can also handle operations, if required. 
"We have the right machine, we (can) do faster diagnosis (and) put treatment plans in place faster,” said Heather Holmes, the Hospital Foundation’s managing director.

According to Holmes, $1.2-million of the $1.7 million provided by the foundation for the project was donated by the Eric T. Webster Foundation.

“Our patients would literally have to get in a cab with a nurse, travel downtown, suffer through the traffic and the wait times, which, when you have to have a procedure, it’s already a little bit unnerving,” Holmes said. 

The hospital updated its intensive care unit in January to include 15 state-of-the-art rooms.