Latest poll has Liberals down, CAQ plateaued?

With just under three weeks until Quebecers cast their ballot in the next provincial election, a new poll shows the CAQ may have hit a support ceiling while the Liberals have lost all the ground the party made up since the 39 day campaign was launched.

The Leger marketing public opinion survey for the Gazette and le Devoir shows, after redistribution, the CAQ continues to sit atop the pack with 35 per cent support, down two per cent from the poll conducted two weeks ago and down one per cent when compared to voter intentions just prior to the start of the campaign.

The Liberals continue to hold the second position with 29 per cent, down three points from the August 29 poll and down one compared to the pre-campaign poll.

The real gains this week went to the Parti Quebecois and Quebec Solidaire.

The PQ jumped two points to 21 per cent; Quebec Solidaire rose from eight per cent to 11 per cent in just two weeks. Both gains appeared to come from increased support among young voters, Quebecers 18-34, at the expense of Liberals.

The Liberal party continues to have the non-Francophone vote on lockdown, now hitting the 70 per cent mark. 

While the CAQ lost ground among Anglophones, Francois Legault and his team likely won't mind too much as the party continues to hold nearly half (42 per cent) of the Francophone vote.

The numbers also show the upcoming debates could be the ultimate game changer in this election campaign, with 44 per cent of respondents saying the debates could make them change their vote.