Laval has recovered $11 million from corruption, mayor says

Roughly $11 million in public money lost to corruption has been recovered, said Laval mayor Marc Demers on Sunday in announcing his re-election aspirations.

Of that, $9 million came directly from former mayor Gilles Vaillancourt, who is currently serving a six-year jail sentence for fraud and breach of trust after pleading guilty to the stealing of millions from the city by rigging the awarding of public contracts in Laval.

Demers announced Sunday he is seeking re-election, after being elected following Vaillancourt's arrest and ouster.

He campaigned on a quest to rebuild Laval and instill a climate of transparency, but his stewardship of the city has not been without controversy.

Originally reported by La Presse, Demers was fined for loaning his political party a $28,000 donation during the 2013, nearly three times the legal limit of $10,000. He faces a fine of $500.