Laval man upset with court ruling despite a ruling in his favour

A black man who received a ticket for insulting two police officers in Laval has won his case against them but says it's not enough.

A judge ruled two Laval police officers abused their power and violated the man's rights when they mocked him and then fined him for insulting them.

Pradel Content was sitting outside his Laval apartment with some neighbours in July 2018 when a police car drove by and saw him take out his phone. They did a U-turn and began asking him why he was filming them. The confrontation became a back and forth that ended with Content insulting the police. Eight days later he received a ticket claiming he verbally assaulted a police officer.

He took it to court alongside his video he captured on his phone and won his case. The judge ruled the police used "psychological intimidation" and violated Content's human rights.

Despite the ruling in his favour Content is upset the judge did not acknowledge what he says was blatant racial profiling. 

Fo Niemi, executive director for the civil rights group CRARR is helping Content with his case. He says the judge's ruling is a step in the right direction but they have a long way to go before they are satisfied with the results.

"We feel there might be some sort of deliberate targeting and profiling of Mr. Content" said Niemi. He added that the police report claims Content is "known to police" which Niemi says doesn't make any sense.

"We want to know why. It is opening up the door to more harassment."