Laval woman behind potential class-action suit over REM construction

Once construction on the new REM suburban metro project kicks into high gear early next year, many commuters will find themselves forced from Exo's Deux-Montagnes and Mascouche train lines and onto shuttle buses that could see it take an extra 45 minutes to get downtown.  One Laval woman is hoping to take her frustrations over the delays to court.

Magali Barre, who takes the Deux-Montagnes line from her home in Laval's west-end to work, is seeking authorization to launch a class action lawsuit against the Caisse de Depot, Exo, ARTM, and the provincial Attorney General.

Barre says it currently takes her 35 minutes to get downtown, but she expects it to soon take much longer for her to get to Montreal by transit once REM construction shutters the Deux-Montagnes corridor. 

Barre's legal team emphasized the suit is not over the REM project, but over the way that transit agencies have planned their response to the service interruptions its construction will cause.

Her lawyer Gerard Samet says "the solutions [to the construction impacts] are not good enough", and adds that Barre doesn't want to move from her current home.

It will take around eight months to know if the class-action suit has been authorized to proceed.