Lawsuit could be in the works over PCB-tainted land in Pointe Claire

Some Pointe-Claire residents are ready to take the city and the Quebec government to court over the cleanup of the old Reliance property that was illegally storing PBCs for years.

A group of residents who lives just in the back of the land at 86 Hymus says it wants to commission its own soil contamination tests and if they turn out positive, that will trigger a lawsuit.

John Stavrianos said they had planned on launching a class action lawsuit last summer when the city said the cleanup would finally happen by the end of the year. But when it didn't. Stavrianos said he was "very disappointed they moved out there."

Stavrianos said he bought the house three years ago thinking the cleanup was being done properly.

"In some ways I'm lucky, I've only been here three years but I worry about people who have been exposed to it for over ten years. That's when it tends to have the negative side effects," said Stavrianos in an interview with CJAD 800 News.

Mayor Morris Trudeau said they are being as transparent as possible.

"Information that I give comes from Quebec, I cannot give out any information I don't have," said Trudeau.

The current property owners have until this week to hand in a decontamination report.