Lawyer in highway 13 lawsuit speaks out

One of the lawyers involved in filing a class action lawsuit over that massive backlog on highway 13 this week has spoken out.

Plaintiffs are seeking $2,000 for each of the estimated 500 people stuck Tuesday night.

The Quebec government and the city of Montreal are accused of "failing in their obligations" to manage the road block.

Many motorists had to spend the night in their vehicles, up to 13 hours, as the snow fell.

Jean-Marc Lacoursière told the Aaron Rand show how they came up with the $2,000 figure.

"It's always a bit difficult to put a dollar figure on pain and suffering. What happens in the law is we look at precedence, we look at cases where people suffered through something similar and we look at cases where they've won and what judges have given them. And so it's based on our knowledge of the case law and what this type of case been awarded", said Lacoursière.

A judge still needs to approve the lawsuit, which was filed two days after the storm.  

"I don't think that it's reasonable that it would take 12 hours under any circumstances for this type of situation to be resolved. That is hard for us to accept", added Lacoursière. 

One of the stranded mororists sparked the legal action.