Legal battle begins to keep Lachine Hospital's gynecology clinic from closing

Doctors and patients from the Lachine Hospital are seeking an injunction in court today forcing the MUHC to reopen the gynecology clinic at the hospital and prevent it from transferring the services to LaSalle Hospital.

The MUHC advised patients at the end of February that it would be shutting down the clinic today, April 1 and that they would have to get future appointments at LaSalle Hospital. The last appointments were scheduled for last Tuesday.

The lawyer for Lachine Hospital doctors and patients argued that the MUHC is justifying its decision based on a 2014 clinical services plan that focuses urology services at Lachine Hospital but that the plan mentions nothing about closing the clinic.

The lawyer also argued that patients have no guarantee their files would be transferred to LaSalle Hospital and that those with reduced mobility would have a hard time getting there by public transportation. As many as 2000 patients would be affected.

"It is important to note that gynecology services are currently only provided two days per month at Lachine Hospital, so patients are already regularly referred to LaSalle Hospital or the MUHC, in Montreal, when required and in urgent situations," said Dr. Ewa Sidorowicz, director of professional services at the MUHC in a statement.

The lawyer opposing the closure is seeking a temporary injunction that would force the hospital to reopen the clinic in time for appointments April 9 and then a permanent injunction to keep the service in place at Lachine Hospital.