Legal battles over U-S President Donald Trump's controversial travel ban continue

Visa holders from the seven Muslim-majority countries barred from entering the U-S under President Donald Trump's controversial executive order have been racing to airports in the hopes of arriving in the U-S while the travel ban is on hold.

A U-S federal court judge blocked the ban on Friday, and early Sunday morning an appeals court denied the Trump administration's request to immediately reinstate it.

The appeals court has asked challengers of the ban to respond by early tomorrow, and for the Justice Department to file a counter-response by Monday evening.

Trump has mocked the federal judge who issued a temporary order restraining the ban, calling him a so-called judge.

The issue has plunged the administration into a crisis that has challenged Trump's authority, as well as his ability to fulfil campaign promises. 

The government's appeal says it's the "sovereign prerogative'' of a president to admit or exclude foreigners.