Legault to formally take the reins from Couillard on October 18th

In a statement released Monday afternoon, Premier-designate Francois Legault's office announced that he and his new cabinet will be sworn into office on October 18th, 17 days after the earth-shattering election that delivered the Coalition Avenir Quebec a majority government.

Legault's new cabinet is expected to be smaller than the one of outgoing Premier Philippe Couillard, who has already announced he will quit as leader of the provincial Liberal Party and leave politics after the post-election transition period ends in less than two weeks' time.  Couillard's successor has also indicated his incoming cabinet will have an equal number of men and women.

On October 1st's election, Francois Legault led his seven-year-old party to a landslide victory, taking 74 seats to the PLQ's 32.  Of those 74 MNAs, however, just two are from ridings on the island of Montreal, meaning the city may see little representation in the new provincial cabinet.

The Legault Government will take office two days after 124 of the 125 newly-elected Members of the National Assembly are sworn-in (Philippe Couillard has discounted his re-election in the seat of Roberval).  The statement from Legault's office does not say when the National Assembly will resume, but that will likely take place before the end of the calendar year.