Liberals and CAQ back in a statistical tie: poll

The governing Couillard Liberals appear to have regained some of the ground it lost to the CAQ in recent months.

A new poll conducted by Mainstreet Research for l'Actualité magazine now has the two parties in a statistical tie — each with 30 per cent support.

The Liberals picked up two points in the last month, while the CAQ lost two.

The Parti Québécois, meanwhile, continue to struggle, losing four points to sit at 16 per cent, while Québec Solidaire picked up one to climb to 12 per cent.

The CAQ remains the overwhelming party of choice for Quebec's francophones — they're at 33 per cent, while the Liberals have climbed into second place at 25 per cent. 

Among non-francophones, the Liberals sit with 62 per cent support. That's hardly surprising, of course, but the party in second place are the Quebec Conservatives with 10 per cent support, and following in third place is the upstart Quebec NDP, with 9 per cent support.

The CAQ are at 8 per cent, with the PQ (4 per cent) and Québec Solidaire (1 per cent) well behind.

A Léger poll released last week also had the Liberals gaining at the CAQ's expense, though the CAQ maintained a five-point lead.

Mainstreet polled 1,200 people between April 7-9. The poll has a margin of error of 2.8 per cent.