Liberals to unveil five year plan to curb sexual violence: report

The Quebec Liberals will unveil its new strategy to fight sexual assaults today.

According to le Devoir, the government will announce a five year plan that will see a total investment of $200 million that will include better assistance for victims, new training for law enforcement and prosecutors as well as a new sexual education program for Quebec schools.

Deputy Premier and Minister responsible for the Status of Women, Lise Thériault will present a 91 point action plan, including 55 new or improved measures to help stop sexual violence and exploitation.

The government hopes to improve the rate at which victims report sexual assaults, which according to data from 2014, is around five per cent. The Liberals hope to raise that number with emergency financial assistance for the victims of sexual violence, a way of encouraging someone to leave a situation that puts their safety at risk.

The newspaper said the Liberal's plan could also increase a sexual assault victim's access to the Compensation for Victims of Crimes program.

The strategy also includes a call to establish a new sexual education class for Quebec schools. The courses could take inspiration from the ongoing pilot project, which has five to 15 hour sex-ed classes in a handful of schools teaching a range of topics from Kindergarten to High School including: being proud of one's body and to take care of it, recognizing and dealing with sexual aggression and safe and mutual sexual conduct.

Sexual violence awareness campaigns will be increased, especially in CEGEPs and universities.

To help fight sexual exploitation the Liberals will establish a new team within the Sûreté du Québec with the mission of tracking down and dismantling pimp and trafficking networks.