LISTEN: Loto-Quebec rep calls Montreal man to tell him he won a million playing an online game

A Montreal man won more than a million dollars this past week, with just a 40-cent bet on an online Loto-Quebec casino game — but as he was playing the game, he didn't realize his good fortune.

The man, Yvon Sam, says he was playing a slots game on the Loto-Quebec site called Cleopatra Mega Jackpots one night, and noticed someone had won the progressive jackpot totalling $1,002,777 dollars, but didn't realize it was him.

He says he turned his computer off and went to bed.

The next day, he got a phone call from a Loto-Quebec representative named Marie-Ève — which the lottery agency actually recorded.

"I saw yesterday that you played the Cleopatra game...and did you notice the progressive jackpot of $1,002,777 was won?" Marie-Ève asked Sam, who said yes, he did.

"And do you know who's a new millionaire? You!", she said, calmly.

Sam explained that he never saw the prize go into his account, so he assumed he didn't win anything. He was planning to jet off to Europe for a three-month trip the very morning he got the phone call.

He put those plans on hold, and picked his cheque up on Friday. He'll still go ahead with his trip, but now, he says he'll be bringing his whole family.