LISTEN: Montreal actress says Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted, harassed her

A Montreal actress has joined the growing list of actresses who've come forward with stories of degradation at the hands of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

Erika Rosenbaum was in her early 20s when she began to pursue her career in Los Angeles. She told CJAD 800's Andrew Carter she first came in contact with Weinstein about fifteen years ago.

She says she too fell into Weinstein's pattern of predation, luring her with promises to discuss her career.

One of those career advancement meetings was moved to a Los Angeles hotel.

She alleges Weinstein was sexually aggressive with her on three separate occasions — the worst of which was when Weinstein grabbed her by the neck in front of a mirror as he was masturbating.

She says she never said anything, not even to her family — afraid he would hurt her or destroy her career.

"It doesn't take much for someone with influence like Harvey Weinstein to cross a line," Rosenbaum says, "and for the innocent person to be left wondering what's to be done, and what part do I play in all of this?

"I thought I must have done something to allow it to happen."

Rosenbaum says she began telling her story after hearing about other actresses telling their stories — many of which sounded distressingly similar to her own.