LISTEN: Social media helps man find stolen car in matter of hours

Social media can be a great source of joy, laughter and depending on whom you're friends with lots of frustration. It's also a great place to help you find your stolen car.

Sam Berenholc is a car guy. He owns three and works at a Montreal garage doing lots of custom work.

Last Friday Sam got to work and noticed his 1993 custom Honda Civic was not in the space he left it.

"I checked the cameras and saw at about 10:40 P.M. [Thursday] somebody was driving off with my car" Berenholc told the Andrew Carter Morning Show.

After reporting the vehicle stolen with police, Sam took to social media, asking fellow car lovers to look out for his one of a kind ride.

"Right away I got a lot of feedback" he said. "I had a gentleman message me saying that he lives in Hochelaga in an apartment block. He spotted my car out back in the alley."

Sam said he and a friend jumped in a car and made their way to the alley, where they saw it parked right where they were told it would be.

"I ran over to my car, I had to hop two fences to get into the alley. I jumped into the car, luckily I had the keys with me" he said.

Sam drove the car out of the alley and onto the street where he then called police.

"It took them a while but they showed up and they took my car off the stolen vehicle registration."

Montreal police say finger prints were taken from inside the car but right now there is nothing that points to any suspects.