LISTEN: What was it like to play at the Leonard Cohen tribute?

Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith joined a plethora of stars for Tower of Song, a tribute Monday night to Leonard Cohen on the anniversary of his death. Sexsmith sang Suzanne, Cohen's homage to a friend with whom he used to have tea and stroll around Old Montreal 

The concert at the Bell Centre, was organized by Cohen's son Adam and his family. The lineup featured Sting, Elvis Costello, Feist, longtime collaborator Sharon Robinson, and more, along with Montreal darlings Patrick Watson, Coeur de Pirate and Basia Bulat. Celine Dion and Chris Martin of Coldplay were among the stars who sent in video cameos.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie also spoke, revealing their first dance as a married couple was to I'm Your Man. Sexsmith spotted Trudeau backstage, leading him to tweet 'How is it possible to be that handsome?'

Photo: Evenko

Sexsmith, who is on the bill for the 4th Andy Kim Christmas Show at the Corona next month, spoke to Andrew to talk about the experience of joining the show, his first novel and what makes a Cohen song so iconic: