Local cinemas say no to unlimited movie passes

It seems that a $10 unlimited monthly movie pass won't be a reality in Quebec cinemas anytime soon.

The American company MoviePass recently slashed the price of its monthly movie pass from $50 to just $10.  The pass allows customers to see one movie every day.  The system works as a MasterCard credit card, with the company purchasing tickets at cost from theatres and passing them on to customers at a significant discount.

The owner of Guzzo Cinemas, Vincent Guzzo, told the Journal de Montreal in an article published this morning that accepting a program like MoviePass simply wouldn't be profitable.  Guzzo is also the president of the Association of Quebec Cinema Owners.  He told the Journal that offering a package like MoviePass would be "suicidal" for cinemas.

MoviePass's founder, who also co-founded Netflix, says that the company doesn't expect to turn a profit in the short-term, but that it will earn money long-term by selling subscriber names to third-parties.

Cineplex, the largest owner of movie theatres in the province, has not formally commented on MoviePass, since the service is not available in Canada.