Longer spring, late summer: check your pets for ticks


It's tick season and vets are recommending you keep an eye out on your pets with the extended cool weather we've been having.

"Certainly the period where we're going to see a lot of activity in ticks may be extended this year based on the spring that we've had so far," said Dr. Florence  Erdmann of the Pierrefonds Animal Hospital.

Erdmann told CJAD 800 it's too early to say what kind of tick season it's shaping up to be but the cooler weather over the past couple of weeks is something to watch.

And while some regions such as the Eastern Townships are noticing a decrease in cases of Lyme Disease..,

"If you are finding ticks on your dogs, you are in areas where you are potentially exposed to ticks," said Erdmann.

Erdmann recommends a thorough check after your pets have been outside, especially in wooded areas.

"If you're finding ticks on your pet and you feel that they've been bitten by the tick that they should probably be in to see their vet and have a blood test done and see if they've been exposed to any of the tick-borne diseases that we know of," said Erdmann.

And don't use bare hands to pull off ticks.

"Put them in a little ziplock, sealed, and then - sounds awful - but to crush the tick because of course you don't want to put the tick back out in your backyard or have them in your home," said Erdmann.

Erdmann said even if you don't find any ticks, check in with your vet if you're concerned about the potential exposure to ticks.