Longtime CHOM DJ Tootall inducted into Canadian Broadcast Industry Hall of Fame


Longtime CHOM DJ Tootall will be inducted next year into the Canadian Broadcast Industry Hall of Fame.

Neill Dixon, president of Canadian Music Week broke the news live on the air to an unsuspecting Tootall during the CHOM morning show with host Terry DiMonte.

"It's an amazing honour for a longtime broadcaster who's exuded professionalism," said DiMonte.

"It's nice to see a Montrealer go in because there's a lot of Torontonians and other people from across the country. It's a huge honour and we're thrilled, I'm absolutely thrilled for him."

Tootall was struck speechless by the news but ever the professional, he was ready for work right after that, apologizing to his listeners for being two minutes late.

"A little bit late this morning," said Tootall as he started his on-air shift.

"They had to pick me off the floor this morning. I was stunned by the news: I've been inducted into the Canadian Broadcaster's Hall of Fame. I don't know what to say."

And the 40-year veteran who's retiring next month was humble as ever.

"Well, you know, look at the list of people in that Hall of Fame, it's, wow, they're the top, you know?" said Tootall in an interview with CJAD 800 News.

"I can't believe it."

Tootall will join the likes of performers such as Céline Dion, Bryan Adams and Gordon Lightfoot who are members of the Music Hall of Fame as well as Moses Znaimer, co-founder and former head of Citytv and MuchMusic who was inducted into the Broadcast Hall of Fame which also includes ex-GM of Standard Radio Rob Braide and co-founder of Astral Media Ian Greenberg, defunct companies that used to own CHOM and CJAD.

Tootall will be inducted during a ceremony for the Canadian Music and Broadcast Industry Awards next May.