Longueuil dépanneur clerk stabs thief, gets arrested

Longueuil Police arrested a 56 year old dépanneur clerk Sunday night after he apparently chased down a thief and stabbed him.

The confrontation occurred at around 9 p.m.  just moments after the man confronted the suspect in a store on Lawrence Street.

A passerby was also involved in the confrontation, but was not injured.

The suspect was taken to hospital with undetermined injuries, and police say he will be questioned at the appropriate time.

The clerk has been released with a promise to appear at a later date.

A clerk from this dep in Greenfield Park has been released from custody after allegedly chasing down and stabbing a would-be theif. #CJAD pic.twitter.com/ru4yHsC7m0

— Emily Campbell (@emkcampbell) November 13, 2017