Longueuil pastor and wife charged with abusing minors over 45-year period

Longueuil police arrested a Baptist minister and his wife on Thursday, accusing them of physically abusing children.

Police say Mario Monette and Carole Van Houtte, both 65 years old, physically and psychologically abused at least 8 children at their St. Hubert church between 1974 and 2019. They're facing a total of 32 counts of armed assault, battery, uttering threats, confinement, and inciting others to commit a crime.

The couple was accused a year ago of running a cult by their now-adult son, Paul-Émile, and another man who had since left the church — the South Metropolitan Baptist Bible Church on Mountainview Blvd. in St. Hubert. In a radio interview from 2018, the two men accused the couple of encouraging members of the church to cut all ties with anyone who did not belong to the church, and demanding a tithe of ten percent of a person's pre-tax income.

They also suggested it was standard practice to beat kids with a stick if they did anything wrong.

Police are suggesting there were other victims, and are encouraging them to go forward to police to tell their stories by calling 450-463-7211.