Longueuil's mayor pushes CAQ for a yellow metro line extension

Like Montreal's mayor Valerie Plante, her Longueuil counterpart, Sylvie Parent, is also pushing for a crosstown metro line.

Parent met Monday with a group of CAQ members, including Transport Minister François Bonnardel and local MNAs Lionel Carment and Ian Lafrenière, to present her transportation proposals — which include a 6.8-kilometre, six station extension of the metro's yellow line beyond the existing Longueuil-Université-de-Sherbrooke station, on to the corner of Roland-Therrien and Jacques-Cartier Blvds., near the Longueuil courthouse.

The notion of extending the metro's yellow line into Longueuil has existed for more than a half-century — as long as the metro has been around. 

Parent tried to impress upon her guests that there hasn't been any significant new investment in transportation in Longueuil for more than 30 years.

There's no hint as to what such an extension would cost, let alone a time frame for when it would actually be built.

The mayors of Montreal and Laval also have costly transport proposals of their own for the new administration. Valerie Plante's much-touted proposal for a pink metro line got a cool reception from Premier François Legault at their first meeting last month at City Hall, but she shows no signs of giving up on the plan. Meanwhile, Laval mayor Marc Demers also wants to have the government create a planning office for a vast new transport plan for the north shore, aimed at unclogging Laval's highways and improving traffic flow by 2030.

Such an office had been promised by Bonnardel's predecessor, André Fortin.