LOOK: Max Pacioretty to the rescue of stranded motorist

Massive snowstorms like the one we saw this week produce plenty of hardship stories — but also, plenty of stories of selfless generosity involving strangers.

A hockey web site, danslescoulisses.com, told a story of how a south shore resident — who calls himself Lawrence — was digging his SUV out of a massive snowbank on Wednesday morning. Several cars drove by, oblivious to his calls for help. One vehicle stopped.

It happened to be Max Pacioretty's.

The Habs' captain — leader that he is — picked up a shovel and helped Lawrence dig himself out.

"I see Max come out with his shovel out of no where and he offered to help, so, that's pretty cool", said Lawrence on the Aaron Rand show.

"I was really surprised. It's not everyday that you have the captain of the Montreal Canadiens come out, offer you help with the snow", added Lawrence, who said he lives in the same area as Pacioretty.

According to Lawrence, he thanked Pacioretty and they shook hands.

Here's what that encounter looked like.