Looks like a cooler September in store for Montreal

It doesn't look as though summer will make a miraculous comeback in the next few weeks.

Officially, summer won't end until Sept. 22, but Environment Canada is suggesting the next few weeks in Montreal won't feel much like summer.

"What we see for the next few weeks is basically some colder air coming through Montreal," says Environment Canada meterologist Amelie Bertrand. "So we can expect some temperatures around the average, or a little bit less, and for precipitation, it should be around average."

Bertrand says the month of August began with a bout of warm, humid weather — though like the month of July, there were no days where the temperature broke the 30-degree mark in Montreal. The temperature actually topped out at 29.8 degrees on the afternoon of Aug. 2.

The latter half of the month was the driest part of the summer in Montreal— despite the thunderstorm and microburst that moved across the island on Aug. 22, damaging trees by the hundreds in N.D.G.

Bertrand suggests if her models are correct, we could be in for a fall color-change season that'll be a little earlier than usual.

"We've had some very cool nights in the last part of August. Those cold nights favor the possibility of colors changing earlier in the season."