Lotto 6/49 winners snag huge $40 million cheque

Four members of the same family from the Montérégie are splitting last week's $40 million Lotto 6/49 jackpot.

Yoland Lalonde only checked his winning ticket two days after the draw and was so shaken, the store manager of the Boni-Soir in Lacolle offered to give him a lift back home.

Lalonde's spouse Rachel Poulin phoned their son to tell him to come over so they could tell him the good news in person but Daniel Drouin said he was reluctant at first, thinking he was being pranked.

Lalonde said they've been buying lottery tickets for years and the most they've ever won was $90.

He also said they were about to change their numbers to see if their luck would change but they finally came up last Wednesday.

Neither Lalonde nor Poulin - a retired couple in their 80s - said they had any big plans for the money.

Lalonde said he'd still be cutting his grass while his first major purchase would be "a big convertible without any dents in it."

Drouin said he'd continue working for a bit and then maybe buy a new pickup truck.

Drouin's spouse Sylvie Couture has big plans for her share.

"I had enough of being hot this summer. I want air conditioning," she told a news conference.

Retirees Lalonde and Poulin said even at ten million dollars each, it's a lot of money to spend so they'll be gifting friends and family, including Drouin and Couture's two grown children.

Lalonde said he'd like everyone to be in their shoes and win a big jackpot someday.

A record 110 jackpots of a million dollars or more have been won in Quebec since the beginning of the year.