Man admits to smothering wife with a pillow; says he lost control

Michel Cadotte testified that when he smothered his ailing wife Jocelyne Lizotte with a pillow in 2017, he was feeling powerless and vulnerable inside and that he lost control.

Cadotte, 57, continues testifying in his own defence at his second degree murder trial.

Cadotte is accused of killing Lizotte, 60, who was in the late stages of Alzheimer's in February 2017.

Cadotte testified that he was not feeling himself that day - that he had been binge drinking and had little sleep the day before because he was dealing with a difficult family matter involving his children.

Cadotte said he visited his wife at the Émilie-Gamelin long term care home as usual. He testified he was angry seeing that the orderlies had not provided Lizotte with support for her head as she was sitting strapped to a chair in the hallway.

An emotional Cadotte said he took his wife into her room and fed her supper, crying because he had difficulty lifting her head at the same time. 

Cadotte testified he had a hard time getting Lizotte into bed and that he knew she was in pain.

His voice wracked with emotion, Cadotte testified that's when he put a pillow over Lizotte's face, suffocating her.

Cadotte said he didn't know what happened but that he didn't want Lizotte to suffer anymore.

Cadotte said as Lizotte lay in the bed, her eyes were open and that she looked "really serene" and that he had never seen her like that.

Upon cross examination, Cadotte testified he only thought of killing his wife once in 2013 when she was staying at the Royal Victoria Hospital where Cadotte said the care wasn't up to the standards for Alzheimer's patients.

Cadotte said that feeling subsided when she was transferred a year later to the long term care home where they were more equipped to deal with Lizotte's deteriorating condition.

The cross examination continues on Tuesday.

Michel Cadotte, accused of 2nd degree murder of his wife Jocelyne Lizotte who was in late stages of Alzheimer’s in Feb 2017, testified he felt powerless and vulnerable when he suffocated her with a pillow, that he lost the control he had up to that point. #CJAD800

— Shuyee Lee (@sleeCJAD) February 4, 2019