Man charged with threatening Quebec mosque shooter ordered to leave the country

The man who pleaded guilty to uttering death threats against the Quebecer charged in the mosque shootings earlier this year has been ordered to leave Canada for three years.

Mohamed-Amine Ben-Faras, 33, is the nephew of one of the men allegedly killed by Alexandre Bissonnette in January.

Quebec court Judge Alain Morand agreed today to the joint recommendation by Crown and defence lawyers.

Ben-Faras will not be allowed come to Canada for three years unless he is accompanied by a peace officer or a border agent and he is also prohibited from trying to contact Bissonnette or his relatives.

Ben-Faras, who is of Moroccan descent and has Italian nationality, pleaded guilty Thursday to uttering death threats against Bissonnette.

He told the judge he arrived in Quebec from London and headed to the mosque to try to understand the circumstances surrounding the shooting deaths.