Man fined $1,500 for shooting a domestic pig

A 23-year-old Mont-Tremblant man was fined $1,500 for shooting a domestic pig in November of 2015, claiming he mistook it for a wild boar.

Emeric Ennis tried, and failed, to use that defence before a judge Tuesday at the St. Jerome courthouse.

On Nov. 21, 2015, Ennis shot the nine-month-old domestic pig, called Lily, several times with a .12-caliber shotgun as he was returning home from a hunting trip.

Miraculously, the pig survived — much to the relief of its owner, Karine Houle, who told the Journal de Montréal that at after the shooting, the bloodied pig jumped into her arms, rested her nose into her neck and cried like a baby.

Ennis apologized for his action a few days later, and his lawyer told the paper he still regrets what he did.

Nonetheless, Houle calls the fine a "slap on the wrist", and adds that despite Lily's injuries, she remains alive and well.